Noravard Arustamyan is elected as a FILA’s Referees Instructor

Noravard Arustamyan is elected as a FILA’s Referees Instructor

The International Wrestling Federation has been awarded 12 people in the world for this kind of trust and one of them is an Armenian from Moscow. She was awarded this honor in May at the FILA’s conference held in Moscow. Arustamyans’ family moved to Moscow 15 years ago. At that time Noravard had nothing to do with wrestling. She went in for wrestling there and became the winner of Junior Championship of Russia.

But because of the serious injury with shoulder joint, she has left the great sport and pass to refereeing, afterwards she accepted the job at the Russian Wrestling Federation. Now she is Assistant to the Secretary General. In 2006 Noravard Arustamyan was awarded the title of world-class referee of Armenia (she was then a citizen of Armenia) when she participated in the seminar held in Yerevan. And the next year when she received Russian citizenship, she was already representing the country. Now Noravard Arustamyan is the Olympic top-class referee and one of the world’s 12 best referees.

Ashot Hakobyan

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