“With regard to anti-Russian sentiments, unfortunately, I consider the thoughts of the first president unrelated or misleading from the subject.”

“With regard to anti-Russian sentiments, unfortunately, I consider the thoughts of the first president unrelated or misleading from the subject.”

“Of course, I share Ter-Petrosyan’s criticism to some European institutions for periodically recognizing rigged elections legitimate, including the elections ended in 10 victims on March 1; they were generally considered democratic, with which, perhaps, they were expecting that Serzh Sargsyan would lead the country towards European integration.

They overestimated Serzh Sargsyan’s capacity, or, more precisely, underestimated the risks, about which we have spoken repeatedly: they reaped as they have sown”, – said Levon Barseghyan, President of Gyumri Journalists “Asbarez” club, in the conversation with Aravot.am, referring to the speech of the first President Levon Ter -Petrosyan, yesterday, at the ANC’s national session, regarding the question of what the reason was that “Maidan” does not occur in Armenia. Recall that, according to the first president, one of the reasons that “Maidan” did not occur in Armenia is the deep disappointment of the Armenian people from the West and its applied double standards. One of the other main reasons, as said by Levon Ter-Petrosyan, was that “anti-Russianism, as such, has never existed and still does not exist, along with the constant presence of some marginal elements and some individuals with anti-Russian sentiment.” “With regard to anti-Russian sentiments, unfortunately, I consider the thoughts of the first president unrelated or misleading from the subject. I think the problem is not with anti-Russian sentiments, but the anti-imperialism, or anti-revanchist sentiments,” said Mr. Barseghyan, indicating that the sentiments in Armenia could not be anti-Russian or anti-Ukrainian. “The subject, in my opinion, is not Russophobia, it was not even touched upon after Sept. 3. Of course, in all societies, there are and will be this-or-that individuals who have or instill hatred to this-or-that nation, or ethnic, true marginal, however, in this case, the matter is about various reactions against restoration of metamorphic “Soviet” in different societies or states. Of course, the reactions are different in Ukraine and Armenia, but I see other reasons in it than the 200 years ties between Armenia and Russia, to say the least. There is a small united opposition in Kiev, with a few exceptions, against dragging Ukraine into the Russian pit; there is a business world and legal money next to this opposition, there is money, there is also a joint Ukrainian Diaspora, also, there are no closed borders and an absolute monopoly of the economy, no criminal authorities that spread dread and horror, which are available in Armenia. These are the fundamental differences of our situation. In addition, there are much more powerful historical events linking Ukraine to Russia, which are not touched upon.” As a result, as per Mr. Barseghyan’s observation, there are only 400-1500 actively rebellions in Armenia who are against conceding Armenia’s independence and Russia’s pressure. As said by Levon Barseghyan, it would be good to see all the political parties and their representatives next to these 400-1500 people, who really believe that Serzh Sargsyan is consistently conceding the sovereignty of the country, its site and property for preserving his regime and power. “They are not affected only by public criticism and political analyzes, it is proven long ago.” The words of the first president that ANC could at least hold

a rally of 50 thousand people in September-October, however, they did not do that because if other forces fail to join them, and it would not result in a new political process, then the rally would merely be empty shootings and would further deepen the despair of the people. To the observation of Aravot.am whether this is not some sort of excuse as to why the very ANC, as an opposition, did not “inflame Maidan”, or maybe this is again a public invitation to their other mentioned forces, Mr. Barseghyan did not comment, but he noted that until this point, it is clear that non political parties: parliamentary and non-parliamentary, do not consider Armenia’s condition critical, and, so far, are not ready to have a united fight against the loss of sovereignty, otherwise they would have started the fight. “Maybe, December 23 would change something.” Recall that tomorrow is December 23, the National Assembly will vote the agreement signed between the governments of Russia and Armenia, according to which 20 % of the share owned by the Government of Armenia in “Armrusgasprom” CJSC is sold to the Russian “Gazprom”.


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