Young Armenian diplomats benefitted from an EU funded two months internship in major diplomatic centres in Europe

Young Armenian diplomats benefitted from an EU funded two months internship in major diplomatic centres in Europe

26 November 2014 – Four young Armenian diplomats held an internship of two months at the missions of Armenia to the European and International institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg, Vienna and Geneva. The diplomats, alumni of the Diplomatic School of Armenia, received an EU funded scholarship for the internship in the framework of a support project for capacity and institution building.

Upon their return the four diplomats expressed their appreciation for the opportunity of taking part in the internship programme. They described the two months spent as part of the Embassy team, directly dealing with a number of critical issues the international forums, as an important supplement to the education received at the Diplomatic School. It is assessed as training on the job that has contributed to their preparation for future postings.

The return of the four interns from their missions marked the end of activities for 2014 in the framework of the project called “Support to Capacity and Institution Building of the Diplomatic School in Armenia”. The ongoing EU funded project was launched in May 2013. It spans two years, providing practical support to the activities of the school, advice on developing a strategy for the institution’s future, as well as support to curriculum development and mid-career training. The amount of EU funding is EUR € 895,500.

Between February and November 2014 the project brought 23 international lecturers and trainers to the Diplomatic School, for a total of 450 hours of education in the Diplomacy and International Relations programme for students, aspiring to become diplomats and in the mid-career training programme for the diplomatic service. In July, the project also funded a one-week mission to London for a team of the Diplomatic School developing a tailor made course in English for diplomats that will be taught in-house at the School in 2015., The students of the Diplomatic School went to Brussels and Vienna in September for a second year in a row on a study tour that flags the successful cooperation between the Diplomatic School and the EU Delegation to Armenia.

The Diplomatic School of Armenia was established in 2010 to train future and serving diplomats, as well as staff of government agencies working at departments of external relations. The school has successfully fulfilled that role in the past years with direct support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international donors, including the European Union and OSCE.

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