Eduard Sharmazanov’s positive response to Chavushoghlu

Eduard Sharmazanov’s positive response to Chavushoghlu

As reported by website, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chavushoghlu has complained that Armenia does not respond to Turkey’s positive messages. To the question of about which are Turkey’s positive messages and why Armenia does not respond to them, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov replied, “What do you mean saying that Armenia does not respond to their positive messages. Is Armenia’s blockage positive according to the Turkish Foreign Minister, keeping the only border to Europe closed, and making ultimatums and blackmails, offering the NKR problem as a prerequisite in Armenian-Turkish relations, denial policy, having Article 301, going back to the Middle Ages…? I’m not surprised that Turkey continues not only denial, but the policy of falsehood and fraud.”

Eduard Sharmazanov reminds that lies and frauds were in the base of Nazi Germany, doctor Goebbels’ policy and propaganda. “They were guided by the old Roman principles – to make your lie more convincing, make up a bigger lie and stick to it. Turks are following by this way that takes nowhere. It is obvious to everyone that if there is an obstacle, if the regional security is at stake, if there is a state that does not implement international obligations, it is the Turkey and its sponsor Azerbaijan.” Sharmazanov thinks that Turkey will do right to cease the policy of “pulling the wool over the eyes of the world”, especially in 2015, ahead to the Centennial of the Genocide, because they would not succeed to weaken everything that is planned to be implemented by Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. In fact, Eduard Sharmazanov does not exclude the possibility that in the coming months, there would be states, which would address the issue of condemnation of the Genocide and Turkey’s false and denial policy.


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