Turkish film director of the film telling about Genocide is not afraid of pressures

Turkish film director of the film telling about Genocide is not afraid of pressures

Turkish film director Haci Orman will present the premier of his “Homo Politicus” short film to the 12th “Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival, under the Non-Competition program “We Exist”, which tells about the Armenian genocide. “I am pleased to participate in this festival. This is my first film, which I intend to show at the Istanbul International Film Festival, but I failed,” said Haci Orman, today, at the press conference with the journalists, adding that perhaps it was better because he has presented the premiere of the film to the “Armenian-Turkish film platform” of “Golden Apricot” film festival, “and perhaps it was right that the premiere of the film was screened right in Armenia,” noted he. The actions of the film take place three months after the Armenian genocide.

The 20-minute film tells about Johannes Lepsius, an influential theologian, who was acting on behalf of German missionary. To prevent the “exile” policy of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, he traveled to Istanbul to the military headquarters, where he could meet with the Turkish the most powerful generals, Enver Pasha. His goal is to use a diplomatic and political pressure on Enver Pasha. All the arguments brought by Lepsius are neglected by Enver’s polite and indifferent attitude. In mid of the meeting, the atmosphere is changing into a philosophical and intellectual debate, which is reminiscent of sometimes a game of chess and sometimes a boxing. Until Enver is trying gradually to impose an ‘indecent proposal’ over Lepsius, Lepsius makes an important decision and leaves the conversation.

The film director assures that he is not afraid that Turkey may put pressure on him. “I have been told many times that shooting a film on this subject would be difficult, it is more difficult when you start your career just with this subject, but it does not bother me, there is a lot to say. It has been a long time since I am engaged in opposition activities in Turkey, and the pressures do not scare me. There are so many people in Turkey who were responsible for their activities related to this issue, and what we dis is trifle of what they did. I am not talking only about Hrant Dink, but also Ragip Zarakolu and many-many others,” said Haci Orman.


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