Monument war

Monument war

What do Moscow and Yerevan not want to “understand”?

As they say, we reached the destination. Armenian-Russian age-old friendship and strategic relations have deepened to the point that foreign ministry of Russia expresses “surprise” at the opening of Garegin Nzhdeh monument in Yerevan and declare it “incomprehensible”.

Certainly, representatives of another actually sovereign state would definitely send Moscow with its absurd caprices on different occasions to hell, and Moscow would hardly allow such an attitude. However, the case of the Armenian-Russian relations is different. We could ignore Mrs. Zakharova’s “failing to understand” if it didn’t have the signal underneath that Moscow is clarifying the attitude, especially when more incomprehensible and dangerous by its nature “responses” are coming from Yerevan.

At first, our Foreign Ministry did not find anything other than accusing… Baku of Moscow’s “incomprehensibility”. Apparently, we are talking about several Russian media which are deemed to be “sold to Azerbaijan.” Certainly, Azeris and Turks in their turn consider that the Russian media “is sold to Armenian lobby” and voice this idea by a pretty high level: for example, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and before him, the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Moscow Byul Byul Ogli. Fantastic level of corruption in Russia and the most improbable hypotheses associated with any kind of venality does not leave any room for surprise. However, this is not the problem but the fact that in the capital and in many other cities of Armenia, there are streets and squares named a quarter century ago after Nzhdeh, and there is also a subway station in Yerevan named after Nzhdeh. But today Moscow all of a sudden “did not understand”. And of course, neither the so-called Armenian lobby nor the media “sold” to Aliyev, be it Russian or Azeri, has “ordered” Maria Zakharova. Maria Zakharova has a leadership who pays her a salary and orders respective music.

It is no secret that in Moscow, for a long time, Armenia will continue to be perceived as Russia’s southern suburbs, whose word “Armenia” is merely a coincidence. And any factor or symbol that will come to break this notion will bother Moscow. The is the main “melody” of Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman’s “music”. And this is what Moscow does not “understand” and will not “understand” as long as Armenia has not proved otherwise and has not “explained” in a proper way. Or else, Baku, Molotov-Ribbentrop, “Soviet people” …

To the point, RA NA Deputy Speaker’s unsuccessful parallel with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which allegedly should have justified from the historian’s point of view as to why Garegin Nzhdeh has collaborated with Germans is extremely dangerous. It simply justifies the Soviet-Nazi deal aimed against independent Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which are coeval to the first Republic of Armenia but existed not 2.5 but 21 years and were destroyed for the same reason: for the sake of satisfying the imperialistic appetite of Moscow. Incidentally, this Pact led to the World War II.

Continuing the same logic, we can also justify the Lenin-Ataturk deal against the Caucasian states, of which primarily Armenia suffered being the only one that was attacked by Turkey armed by Russia and Russia almost simultaneously, and then after the Sovietism, Russia at least until 1965 “sacredly” fulfilled its commitment – not to allow “anti-Turkish activities” in Armenia. This is where this logic leads to.

And generally, on the background of Russians’ “incomprehensibility”, people in Yerevan really do not understand one important thing: the practice of objecting and pleasing Russia is called not a complementarity (copyright, Vardan Oskanyan) but a political short-sightedness, self-deception and immorality, which puts Armenia out of the civilization, thus isolating from the civilized world, anyway it leads and will lead to the Kremlin by causing the contempt of the international community. And declaring the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact “driven from the interests of the Soviet people”, also disgust. The Kremlin will not respect us for it, the Kremlin will respect us only when it sees a resisting force in front of it. I’m not talking about an armed resistance but a stance.

Moscow will not dare, let’s say, to blame Finland for the fact that Carl Gustav Mannerheim is the hero of the Finnish people and Finland saved its statehood with the disgraceful defeat of the Soviet invaders. Russia’s neighbor Finland is not even a NATO member, Finland is simply a successful, free and democratic country where there are only five million people living. But the Finns are the most armed nation in Europe and can mobilize up to almost one million trained and motivated soldiers in case of an external threat. Mannerheim is the founder of this system. And the fact that he has allied Germany, Moscow is not only tactfully silent about it but also publishes his memoirs and study wisely. Ultimately, he was a General of the Tsarist army …

… Incidentally, Nzhdeh was living in an era when Nietzscheism had a great influence on political and political ideas, literature and journalism in Europe. In the Soviet Union, Friedrich Nietzsche was called a fascist as Corporal Adolf Schicklgruber was considering himself to be a Nietzsche. From Nzhdeh’s words: “Be free and conscious, there is no difference between a slave or a criminal. Incline your head before the ideal…”


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