Education expert.  “No car is gifted to any teacher in any rich country.”

Education expert.  “No car is gifted to any teacher in any rich country.”

Two years ago, Serob Khachatryan, a professor of the Yerevan State University, also an education expert, in an interview with, referring to the competition “The Best Teacher of the Year”, expressed his opinion that the issue cannot be considered over by gifting a vehicle to the best ones.  The education expert said that it would be more reasonable from the perspective of the state government, in addition to gifting a car, to use the talent of the best teacher for the development of the educational system and such teachers go to the marzes, present their experience and help their colleagues.

The education expert already sees a progress, saying that recently, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Manuk Mkrtchyan, announced that this year, the best teacher in addition to receiving an award must make a tour to the marzes and conduct seminars for the colleagues.

“I think it is a very important step because until now, the best teachers had received their so to speak awards and had gone home.  In this regard, many questions may arise, for example, people might wonder whether the best one is selected, and secondly, Armenia is one of the unique countries that gives quite a big prize to the teacher, in other words, a car.  Incidentally, there are many rich countries in the world, starting from the US, that give a much more modest award than Armenia.  This means that if we are giving such a big prize to an individual, the society must also benefit from it.  So that it does not turn out that I won a car and it was good only for me, I must do a certain service to my colleagues in return.

Now, if the best-recognized teacher goes to workshops, the public will see this teacher’s skills and will determine whether he/she is a good teacher or not and whether he/she has something to say.  After all, he/she was selected from among 37000 people.  This is also a chance for the teacher to exchange his/her experience with others, especially when the teachers learn from each other better than from the trainers and a variety of experts,” – said Serob Khachatryan to  As formulated by the education expert, it will also have a preventive role, and the teachers will see that after winning they must go to conduct seminars and transfer their professional experience in the marzes, not everyone will dare to claim for the laurels of the best teacher.


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