“The science part of the government program is not competitive”

“The science part of the government program is not competitive”

According to the Doctor of  Economic Sciences, deep development are not outlined.

“Aravot” asked the opinion of Doctor of  Economic Sciences, professor Armen Juguryan about the scientific part of the government’s new program. “From my point of view, the “Science” part is not competitive and deep developments are not outlined there”, said Armen Juguryan.

To our observation that certain causes are presented in the program that are related to the modernization of the degree awarding system and its comparability with the European countries, in particular it is emphasized that the main part of the scientific works are directed to the practical and experimental programs, the scientist answered, “yes, those causes exist, but they are superficial, I would say they are not specified. The science part lacks indicators that should be program targets. For example, it is not specified how much the minimum specific weight of the costs directed to science in GDP or in public finance would be which, by the way,  are established international indicators and describe the scope of the scientific-research work conducted in the country.

I think that without the above mentioned indicators the government presents us unsubstantiated program provisions”. And why are digital benchmarks and indicators missing from that most important program document? In answer to this question, our interlocutor said, “I see two reasons here. Either the government does not want to take upon certain responsibilities by those outlined target indicators while supporting scientific-research works and later report about failures, or there is no trust in terms of the opportunities of access to the target indicators”. We also wondered about his opinion on the government’s stand on the comparability of the degree awarding system with the European countries.

“This provision has many question marks in it. Firstly, it is not a secret that there is not a degree awarding unitary procedure even in the European countries , and in that field they are also in search at present. Thus, it is not clear to us either what kind of comparable degree awarding system is outlined in the program. Moreover, it is not clear at least to me why the government program avoids those indicators of the Bologna process that are about the development of science. And they are quite ambitious and ensure competitive positions both in the home and international scientific market. I think that the new program of the government should have been targeted on strengthening the competitiveness of science and without repeating the past, should have presented new challenges for the qualitative expansion of scientific research works”, answered the Doctor of Economic Sciences.


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