Issues related to teaching of German discussed at the Education Ministry

Issues related to teaching of German discussed at the Education Ministry

Presence of the German language in almost all spheres of the education system has brought tangible results, Armenian Minister of Science and Education Levon Mkrtchyan stated at a meeting with German Ambassador Matthias Kisler held on Thursday in Yerevan.

“Our ministry has initiated the drafting of the concept for development and the teaching of foreign languages in Armenia and with this regard we highly value the attention and support of the German Embassy to the popularization and the teaching of the German language in Armenia’s educational institutions,” Minister Mkrtchyan said, as quoted by the press department of the ministry.

The German Ambassador to Armenia Matthias Kisler for his part has expressed the reediness of the German side to encourage German study at Armenian educational institutions.

The Ambassador has suggested to set up a working group with the representatives of the ministry to study the issues for teaching German and present recommendations, adding the relevant questions had been discussed in Germany with a decision to involve the educational cultural programs and the relevant structures operating in Armenia for that end.

Minister Mkrtchyan has welcomed the idea of setting up a working group, expressing confidence the initiative may not only promote the teaching of German in the country but also register tangible results in all spheres of the education and enhancement of the Armenia-German relations in the science.

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