Georgia does not accept Armenian textbooks. Gagik Gyanjumyan (Video)

Georgia does not accept Armenian textbooks. Gagik Gyanjumyan (Video)

“If we do not a problem of sending textbooks, history and literature anywhere, we have a problem in the place: Georgia does not accept,” Gagik Gyanjumyan, Head of the department of Pan-Armenian programs of RA Ministry of Diaspora, on December 2 at the meeting with the journalists in the press hall of “Armenpress”.

He noted that a very strict restriction is made, “Here, political problems arise.  Not to mention the history.  The history textbooks and history topics are presented in a different way.  I think that our new government will be able to come to a common denomination and the issue will be resolved in the right way.  But there is a problem.  Look, we are going up to Kamchatka, sending books to remote Siberia, Africa, Brazil and elsewhere but not in the territory very close to us: neither official nor regularly.  Try to go to Georgia with your car and suddenly, if you have several volumes of books, they will not allow you.  But I think this will be resolved too but today, it is a problem.”


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