“The President of Iran made a correct remark in Yerevan.”  Silva Adamyan

“The President of Iran made a correct remark in Yerevan.”  Silva Adamyan

As characterized by environmentalist Silva Adamyan, the President of Iran has made quite a correct remark regarding the environmental problems in Armenia.  “Armenia’s authorities must give an adequate reaction and try to solve this problem,” – says Silva Adamyan.  Note that the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, announced during his visit to Yerevan, “We also discussed environmental-related issues.  We highlighted the settlement of the pollution of the Aras River as this River is the wealth in our region.  I hope that by the directive of Mr. Serge Sargsyan, the issue will be resolved.”

Ms. Adamyan noted that not only the pollution of the Aras River is a problem but also the fact that some time ago, a huge amount of staff was brought out from the banks of the River, “Interestingly, the environmental issues are raised by the neighboring countries, this problem really exists.  I fully agree that these issues should be raised, and interstate programs must be implemented to solve the regional problems.  Here, it is not only the issue of the rivers, there is also a problem of migration of animal species.  Iran is one of the countries where there are very interesting animal species in large quantities, while Armenia’s landscape changes lead to the fact that the composition of some animal species can go to Iran, we should worry about this more than Iran.”



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