Myths of not getting drunk and alcohol harm according to nutritionist

Myths of not getting drunk and alcohol harm according to nutritionist

“The New Year is not an opportunity to be busy with overeating and heavily drinking, everything is nice if it fits in the frames, eventually, it is possible to spend the New Year evening in a good mood with one glass of wine, everything comes from the person’s mood,” –noted the nutritionist and endocrinologist Hasmik Abovyan in the interview with  In her words, many people consider their “duty” to drink a lot in these days which can be the cause of pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas gall and attacks of cholelithiasis, “Many people think that using alcohol with a large amounts of fat with not make them get drunk but also will protect the organism from the harmful effects of the alcohol.”

According to the expert, this is a great myth, a deceit, “A great amount of fat along with alcohol creates a double hard and a major risk factor for acute pancreatitis.”  Hasmik Abovyan reminds the alcohol abusers that it causes heart rhythm disorders and as the fat so as the alcohol contains a large amount of calories, it is also an extensive damage to those who follow their body weight, “Alcohol is a real poison, and there is no organ system that is not affected by it: brain, heart, liver, and causes strong dehydration of the body.”  To avoid dehydration caused by alcohol, the nutritionist advices at least to take a large amount of water after drinking alcohol.


The next day, many people are trying to come out of the hangover by drinking brine or continuing to use alcohol which according to the expert is also wrong, “As the body is becoming excessively dehydrated, you must drink a large amount of water and coffee which has a toning effect on the nervous system and protects the liver as alcohol causes a big harm to the liver, to some extent, it will protect the liver from certain damages.”

There is a common belief that alcohol has a warming effect, true, it is not typical to our region. Hasmik Abovyan mentions that when a man frozen from death is found at night, it mainly happens under the effect of alcohol because in the beginning it widens the vessels and later the blood cools down in the vessels very quickly and the body begins to freeze. The man does not wake up from the feeling of getting cold under the effect of alcohol and dies.


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