What to eat on New Year to avoid overweight and poisoning

What to eat on New Year to avoid overweight and poisoning

Big New Year tables as many families rarely afford it and if the person has not normally eaten until the holidays, after seeing the luxury cannot resist himself. And this leads to overeating.

In the interview with Aravot.am said nutritionist and endocrinologist Hasmik Abovyan, noting that the overeating on these days leads to a number of problems, “First of all, a weight gain, as you may add 3-5 kg to your weight on these days.”  In these kilos, according to the nutrition, in addition to the fatty mass, you may also accumulate liquid.  Using too much salty, sweet and various types of beverages on these days, people are having swellings in the organisms which according to the expert are not visible outwardly.

Many of the people who keep to the rules of proper nutrition, as the expert mentioned, when they feel “free” on these days, later are having difficulties in returning to their menu. This leads to overweight and depression, “We must bear in mind that even the most healthy food can become dangerous if you overeat it.  Mixing fat, acid and spicy foods together plus a large amount of alcohol can end up with death.”

Cases of poisonings also happen on these days which are caused by the most common salads which are covered with mayonnaise and/or sour cream and ended with home-made canned food.  Nutritionist Hasmik Abovyan said that pre-mixed mayonnaise-sour cream which stays in an environment of high temperature for a very long time, produce a rapid growth of microbes causing poisoning, “Therefore, salads must be prepared not much in quantity and the dressing with sour cream and mayonnaise should be added only before serving.”

It is known that botulism is caused by homemade preserves which according to the expert must be banned as they cause a great danger to human life. “Knowing all about this and to continue to prepare home-made preserves is a crime and ignorance.  To avoid botulism no home-made preserves should be used. But if you still want to use preserves, then you must boil it for 20 minutes before using it. Under these conditions the botulism toxins die. You must keep in mind that that you are playing with a human life serving the preserves which are not possible to boil. You should avoid using them”.


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