‘Azerbaijan worries that Armenia can be outcome for Turkmenistan energy carriers:’ Vardan Voskanyan

 ‘Azerbaijan worries that Armenia can be outcome for Turkmenistan energy carriers:’ Vardan Voskanyan

“Turkmenistan bordering Iran is one of the five countries with gas resources.  It has huge energy resources but also problems relating to exporting them.  These resources are directed mainly to China but because of the price fall in energy resources, Turkmenistan is looking for ways to the West,” said expert in Iranian studies, Vardan Voskanyan, at the meeting with the journalists at Sputnik Armenia press center, referring to the meeting of RA Prime Minister, ambassadors of Iran and Turkmenistan held in January.  Recall that the meeting discussed the possibilities of trilateral cooperation in the energy sphere.

According to Vardan Voskanyan, Armenia can become an outcome Turkmenistan’s energy carrier consumption, “Armenia must run a more aggressive policy in a positive sense in the industries when we are not so expected.  Our country can obtain serious opportunities to develop the economy.  The formation Iran-Armenia-Turkmenistan format will promote the enhancement of Iran-Armenia-gas-energy format which may also include Russia and Georgia.”

The expert in Iranian studies noted that Azerbaijani expertize circles have promptly reacted to the meeting of RA Prime Minister and the ambassadors which indicates that there is an anxiety in Azerbaijan.  However, according to Vardan Voskanyan, the RA economic agenda should not be associated with the reactions of the opponents but it is necessary to work for the establishment of the mentioned tripartite format.  Vardan Voskanyan also opines that the Russian policy prefers here the participatory approach rather than a hindrance.


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