Unibank introduces new CRM-system by Protobase Laboratories for processing business loan applications

Unibank introduces new CRM-system by Protobase Laboratories for processing business loan applications

Unibank has automated the process of providing unsecured loans to small business by starting to use a new CRM-system developed by Protobase Laboratories company. The aim of the new CRM-system is to increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service, to speed up significantly the decision-making process in providing business loans and to reduce the bank’s expenses.
The automation of the process of filling and analyzing loan applications makes it possible to provide services in the shortest time thus saving clients’ time. Unibank’s specialist visits a client who applied for a business loan in the latter’s office and via the CRM-system fills in the application form, estimates a potential borrower’s business and solvency. The bank’s decision on a credit application is provided to a client within the day of applying.
The automation of the crediting process and availability of the credit conveyor for processing applications for small business loans allows Unibank to make customers’ profiles effectively and to estimate their solvency thus excluding human factor in the decision-making process. As a result, the bank successfully achieves the aim of having high-quality borrowers, speeding up the application processing and increasing the quantity of loans with concurrent reduction of the bank’s expenses. Owing to the flexible modular structure the system can be adjusted to any actual task. It also allows to fix all characteristics of products and change terms.
«Crediting of individual entrepreneurs and small business is one of Unibank’s priority directions. Providing high-quality and effective service is the key factor that ensures the competitiveness of the bank at the market. That is why we have expanded our cooperation with Protobase Laboratories and have introduced this innovative solution that allows optimizing the work with our clients, offering them more convenient and quicker service, ensuring the reducing of the bank’s expenses, – said David Petrosyan, Vice-Chairman of Executive Board, Director for corporate business promotion and sales of Unibank. -This approach enhances significantly clients’ loyalty to the bank and allows us to develop and build up lending for small businesses».
Unibank has been cooperating with Protobase Laboratories since 2013. As part of that cooperation, Unibank has also launched ProtoCRM system – credit conveyor on retail credits, that belongs to a new generation CRM system. Applications for retail credits are processed no more than a minute due to the system launching. About 325 000 applications for consumer loans were handled by the bank in 2016 and more than 60% of them were approved.

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