Most pro-Russian parliament to be formed in Armenia

Most pro-Russian parliament to be formed in Armenia

Alliance-building or nesting doll operation

The transition from Armenia’s presidential system to parliamentary is called for healing the political system, in some sense, the ideological struggle.  In democratic states, the leader of the political fight are the political parties, the executive body is formed by them and coalitions, and nominate candidates for state and local governments leadership positions.  Ahead of Parliamentary elections two months later, what is the atmosphere in Armenia today?  Are any signs of improvement seen in reforms of the political system and competition of political alliances?…

Demagogy has reached its peak.  “Shocking” excuses and justifications are brought to remain on “water surface” in Armenia’s political system and to cling to this-or-that alliance, for example, “this is a way for common goals,” “if Azeri attack tomorrow and we go into the trench, I am not going to say that I will not go into this trench because the plunderer is here”… Consequently, reacting to the presence of “plunderers” in this-or-that alliance, the more “unimpeachable” are line up to squeeze into the same alliance.  As a result, we have a parade of unprincipality for the sake of occupying transit places on pre-election lists.  What competition of parties! What ideological light! …

Just own helplessness and being void of public support is handily wangled and presented as a mania to “save the nation” by all means.  It is clear to everybody that the alliances formed ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections have no chance to shake the positions of the authorities, moreover to implement a change of regime.  Realizing all this, everybody is engaged in uniting with each other.  In Armenia’s political system, there are either old faces, or the once functionaries are in a new opposition role.  Their argument is that this happens to the whole civilized world, today you are a power, tomorrow – an opposition …

Yes, it is true but with one difference, there is a factor of political responsibility in the whole civilized world: a failed, making fatal mistakes for the country and useless functionary after losing his position cannot declare whenever he wants that today, from 8:30 am in the morning he is already an opposition and be engaged in overthrowing “traitorous authorities”  and “saving the nation”.  Consequently, expecting a principled and ideological struggle in Armenia sounds naïve.  However, this is not the only misfortune in Armenia’s political system.  Even in the presence of such poor quality political system, Armenian processes obtain “vital capacity” only when they receive “life” with “go ahead” coming from the Kremlin.

Generally, it already leaves an impression that Armenia’s the most pro-Russian parliament will be formed two months later.  Actually, Moscow has assessed the situation quite soberly.  The anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia are obvious, there exists justified discontent among the society, although Russians have no intention to approach it with self-criticism, and above all, seeking mistakes in them.  A frustrating atmosphere for the Kremlin has been created in Armenia, they want to mitigate the anti-Russian “dosage” in Armenia.  How to do it? … Very simple.  Russians are used to acting in a coarse way.  Here, they have decided to act more openly and concretely: to fill the next parliament with such forces-alliances which will never dispute any move of Russia on issues related to Armenia or Nagorno-Karabakh.

Will it solve the issue of caused lack of confidence? Will the criticism against Russia’s policy disappear in Armenia if 3-4 pro-Russian alliances with new names but old faces appear in the Parliament?  No, it will not disappear.  Will, for example, Russia continue arming Azerbaijan?  Certainly, it will.  Consequently, Moscow needs a more obedient parliament, where the alliances, if necessary, if the authorities do any incautious move unpleasant to Moscow, there will always be “instruments” to threaten them and bring them to order.  What awaits us in the next two months until the most pro-Russian parliament of Armenia is formed?… Definitely: «понос слов, запор мыслей» (diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain).  What to do? … To show patience and not much care.  Armenia is not the only one that has appeared in this stage of degradation of the political system.

A few days ago, even Pope Francis warned residents of Europe about the growth of populism, recalling that during in Germany, during Adolf Hitler’s years in power, the positions of the right-wing party have dramatically strengthened against the background of economic crisis and high level of unemployment.

Note that recently the meeting of right-wing politicians of European countries was held in the German city of Koblenz which was attended by the French “National Front” party leader, Marine Le Pen.  He had urged the European voters to follow the example of the US and Great Britain and to “wake up” in 2017.  The Dutch politician Geert Wilders who is the founder and the leader of “Freedom party” stated that the citizens of Western countries are tired of political correctness.  This year, France, the Netherlands, and Germany are having presidential and parliamentary elections.  Right-wing politicians nurse a hope to attract voters with nationalist mottos and anti-emigration rhetoric.  Hence, every country “suffers” in its own way.  While we would like to wish the “agile” players in our political field the words of the main character from a famous and popular movie: «Влюбляйтесь, женитесь, разводитесь, топитесь – море рядом!» (Fell in love, marry, divorce, drown – the sea is close to you!).

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