Tata Steel: Levon Aronian claims to be among top three

Tata Steel: Levon Aronian claims to be among top three

The games of Round 11 within Tata Steel chess tournament, which is underway in the Netherlands, took place yesterday. Armenian GM Levon Aronian playing black drew his game against Radosław Wojtaszek. The draw was agreed at 56 move. Panorama.am reports referring to the Chess Federation of Armenia.
Wei Yi also secured a victory in 11 Round. His opponent was Sergey Karjakin. Leader of the tournament Wesley So played draw against Dmitry Andreikin. World champion Magnus Carlsen failed to win his game against Baskaran Adhiban. Games Giri – Harikrishna, Rapport – Van Wely and Nepomniachtchi – Elyanov also ended in draws.
After Round 11 Wesley So is solely leading the table with 7.5 points. Van Wely who took the second position is a half point behind the leader. Levon Aronian, Magnus Carlsen and Pavel Elyanov have scored 6.5 points apiece and share 3-5 positions. One round has been left before the end of the tournament.

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