Whom will Gagik Tsarukyan unite?

Whom will Gagik Tsarukyan unite?

As it was supposed, Gagik Tsarukyan returned to politics.  In other words, he did not disappoint all those who were requesting his return and met their request.  As it was expected, the din around Seyran Ohanyan, Oskanian and Viktor Dallakyan significantly eased with the return of Tsarukyan, and now our political forecasters are trying to forecast who will join Tsarukyan, rather say, whom Tsarukyan will allow to join him.

Tsarukyan mentioned in the statement on his return that he intends to participate in the elections with a broad alliance and has not ruled out the possibility of any political force in this alliance.  The presence of this “broad alliance” inspired serious hopes to many political forces, and after Tsarukyan’s statement, many of them tried to visualize them in the broad alliance promised by Tsarukyan.

Although Tsarukyan promised in his announcement that the doors of his envisaged broad alliance are open to everyone, nevertheless, it is clear to everybody that the doors of Tsarukyan’s envisaged broad alliance will be closed to many of political forces and politicians for the very simple reason that many of them would like to be united into Tsarukyan’s promised “broad alliance” but will have no chance because those who so desires are so many that if Tsarukyan includes all of them into his alliance, there will be no place left for him and his alliance.  Anyway, it is felt from the stance and mood of the who are willing to be included in Tsarukyan’s “broad alliance” that Tsarukyan so far has not categorically refused them, and one gets the impression that being included in the “broad alliance” depends not on the will of Tsarukyan but the will of those who desires so.  It is clear that this is a temporary self-deception, and the moment is not far when Tsarukyan and his political customers will have to understand that even in the case of the broadest alliance, few people will manage to join this alliance.  And the responsibility to choose these lucky few people lies on Gagik Tsarukyan in person.  Hence, no matter how Tsarukyan tries to be good to everybody, he cannot because those who wish are many while the places of the “broad alliance” are too limited.

When Tsarukyan abandoned the politics, few people could imagine that just two years later he will return, moreover, so successfully and stormy.  Even the most skillful and experienced political analysts have not predicted this stormy return.  This means that not only our political analysts were not clearly visualizing our political situation but also the fact that our domestic political situations and relationships are too unpredictable, and our political relations inside Armenia have almost no relation with the phenomenon called politics.

So far, everyone, almost everyone is cajoling Tsarukyan.  So far.  Shorty, the cajolery will sharply go down because Tsarukyan will have to make the customers understand that the places of his even “broad alliance” are not unlimited.  And those of cajoling customers who will not find a place in the “broad alliance” may declare that they did not want to be included in the “broad alliance” because of some ideological discrepancies.  Some of the rejected customers may stop cajolery and say what they really think about Tsarukyan and PAP.  Unless of course, they have the courage and audacity.  But hardly they would have the courage and audacity because no matter how they are depressed and desperate they will understand that the belated and overdue courage is ridiculous of the worst cowardice.

And there will be more depressed and desperate customers, it is beyond doubt, and in that sense, Tsarukyan will appear in a difficult situation for a moment because even though he loves to be good for everyone, however, the situation does not allow it and will not allow until the day of elections because in the event of final existence of the alliances, the alliances that have no chance or little chance will apply to Tsarukyan urging to participate in the elections with a united opposition front.

Hence, a lot can change or on the contrary, not change before the day of elections.  Much of course will depend on Tsarukyan personally.  There are several options.  As to which one of them will PAP leader choose, I think he does not know yet because much can be changed in the meantime irrespective of our and Tsarukyan’s will.  If Seyran Ohanyan becomes an opposition in a few days in our country, it is extremely difficult to make political conclusions in this country.  This means that nothing is clear at the moment.  Even for Gagik Tsarukyan.  Moreover, it is much more difficult for Tsarukyan than for others.


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