Interstate road a target for Azerbaijani military forces

Interstate road a target for Azerbaijani military forces

The Voskepar-Baghanis section of Armenia-Georgia interstate road stretches along the border. It is a target for the Azeri positions.  Earlier, we have reported that a Russia delivery truck was shot by the Azerbaijani armed forces.  There is also a Voskepar-Baghanis bypass stretched by Harsnakar way which is secure compared to the bordering road but the security of traffic of vehicles from Azerbaijani shots cannot be fully ensured.  Bypass road stretches along the mountainous area, the large trucks overcome the narrow turns with great difficulty in winter.

In addition, there is a landslide zone on the bypass road.  Tavush Marz governor Hovik Abovyan is passing by the mentioned stretched road when going to work every day.  At the press conference in the beginning of the year, we asked the governor that the Azerbaijanis are building a long wall made of white stone to ensure the security of car road going to village Mazam located on the back of Joghaz reservoir, so why huge boulders are not installed in the more dangerous sections of the interstate highway to ensure the security of the traffic.

The governor said that security of traffic on both sides of this road is ensured, and it is not possible to ensure secure traffic in the frontal parts.  He said that there is Voskepar-Baghanis bypass road located far from the border where the traffic is quite secure.  A huge slab of felsite is installed on one section of the bypass road which protects this section from the possible firing of Azerbaijanis.  As mentioned by the governor, the traffic of interstate highway does not stop when the Azeri are shootings, it is carried out by the Voskepar-Baghanis bypass road.


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