‘Russia: wants to make investment? fine, if not, we are lost’

 ‘Russia: wants to make investment? fine, if not, we are lost’

Economists estimate the Government actions aimed at the develop of Armenia’s economy

“Russia is a much more important partner than we can imagine: the potential is great while we are thinking to occupy a niche in the Russian market by some devious ways and that’s it… we are in a dire situation.  We can improve our situation even in the wartime but the objectives are not formulated because activities are in having power,” said economist, ANC member Vahagn Khachatryan yesterday at the “Media Center” estimating government actions aimed at the development of the economy.

He mentioned that the economic growth presented to the public does not actually exist since 2014, “The Government debt has increased, people’s revenues are not increasing, pensions and salaries are not raised, there will be no increase in purchasing power this year, the situation is desperate in agriculture and construction industry… Either the responsible entities lack in time or have not been involved in this industry in the past and now are making “discoveries” for us.  Back in 2014, we know that the economic growth presented to us actually does not exist.”

The economist also qualified the information that the export of agricultural products has been increased six times a “lie”, “If we are going to keep lying, the available investments will go away too.”  Economist Tatul Manaseryan referring to the importance of establishing a free economic zone on the border with Iran during Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s visit to Russia, said, “We are obligated to have a free economic zone with Iran to come out of the blockade.  In addition, as much as we need Iran so much we can give to Iran, for example, in the IT industry.”

Referring to Government actions aimed at the improvement of the RA investment environment, Tatul Manaseryan said that the RA investment environment, first of all, must be favorable for local people, “We are focused only on Russia.  Russia, wanna make an investment, fine, if not, we are lost.  One day, this dependence will crash us.  Uzbeks and Chinese must also see our country attractive.”  Speaking about the cuts in the state system, the economist informed that they do not really contribute to savings, “The cuts are done by Soviet methods sparing neither the good nor the bad.  They are not effective.  People having a coefficient of efficiency if suitable should not be cut irrespective of political colors.”


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