Turkish Prime Minister is fighting for losing his office

Turkish Prime Minister is fighting for losing his office

According to Turkologist Hakob Chakryan, the inner tension in Turkey has reached its climax.  Today, in the “Post Scriptum” press club said that the draft on Constitutional amendments is presented to the Turkish Parliament for voting which required only 330 votes but the votes were more, “The discussions were quite active, with fights.  In short, the referendum was planned for April or May, with which Turkey switches to a presidential system.  It is amazing that the prime minister is also fighting for the system to change in the event that when changes happen, he is deprived of his office of prime minister, in other words, he is fighting to be deprived of his post of prime minister.”

According to him, although the events developing in the region are the cause of the tense internal situation in Turkey, “The regional events apparently affected Turkey, the internal war in Syria, Iraq terrorism …”  The Turkologist also spoke about Turkey’s foreign problems, particularly with the EU.  “Turkey has problems with the EU in connection with the detention of 11 parliamentarians of People’s Democratic Party and two co-chairs.  Let’s not forget also the 31 members of the municipal council and mayors in Kurdish settlement region jailed in Turkey.  EU demands to release the journalists in jail.”  He noted that the terrorist attacks are becoming traditional in Turkey, and reminded that there is no month since 2015 until now that there is no terrorist attack in Turkey.


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