Suren Sargsyan: Kim Bakshi’s “Spiritual Treasures of Artsakh” needs wider popularization

Suren Sargsyan: Kim Bakshi’s “Spiritual Treasures of Artsakh” needs wider popularization

The book of the Russian renowned writer, scholar of Armenian Studies, translator and culture expert Kim Bakshi “Spiritual Treasures of Artsakh was first published in 2012 in Russian and then in Armenian in 2015, yet the Armenian version is not that popular most of us would wish, Suren Sargsyan, the coordinator of the Armenian project of the book told a press conference on Thursday. Sargsyan next presented briefly the story of the book creation.

“Kim Bakshi undertook the writing of the book at the initiative of the Artsakh leadership in 2006. Along with photographer Hakob Berberyan we visited Artsakh in 2006, 2007, 2008 and caught plenty of photos. Aside from that, Bakshi visited different states, got familiarized with Artsakh manuscripts in museums. In 2012 the book was produced in Russian, without illustrations, while the 2013 edition came with illustrations thanks to the sponsors who found,” Sargsyan recalled.

He next told that recommended by the Diaspora Ministry, they initiated the publication of the Armenian version which represents an album. The funds for the publication were raised through different channels, and the book was printed in 1,500 copies with 600 still available still available for sale.

“The book is undoubtedly quite useful and has been praised by the head of the Writers’ Union of Armenia, other literary critics. However, state institutions, in particular, ministries of Education, Culture and Territorial Administration were the main buyers,” Sargsyan said, adding the author would love to see higher sale rates.
Photographer Hakob Berberyan on his part said that many people wished to have the English version, yet the sale volumes of the Armenian ones do not offer launching a new publication.

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