Emergency cases registered in Yerevan within 2016 decreased by 16,7 percent

Emergency cases registered in Yerevan within 2016 decreased by 16,7 percent

On 7 February, the last session dedicated to the summary of the results of activities carried out by the RA MES RS Yerevan city territorial subdivisions within 2016 was held at Yerevan City Hall.

The meeting was attended by the RA ES Minister David Tonoyan, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan, MES Rescue Service Director r/s Colonel Mushegh Ghazaryan, head of Yerevan city Rescue Department, r/s Major General N. Nazarian, as well as the heads of the administrative districts of Yerevan, the municipality employees, representatives of MES Yerevan city Rescue Department.

Welcoming the guests, ES Minister D. Tonoyan wished them a fruitful and efficient work, encouraging them to actively participate in the process of evaluation of activities carried out by Yerevan city Rescue Department.

The main annual report was delivered by the Head of Yerevan city Rescue Department, r / s Major General N. Nazaryan.

He noted, that during the reporting period, the activities of Yerevan city rescue department were aimed at population protection and the implementation of civil defense tasks, providing methodological assistance in the organization of training exercises, ensuring constant readiness of forces and resources, as well as planning development and implementation of regulations, highlighting the main areas of activity.

During the reporting period of 2016, 7701 emergency cases were registered in Yerevan (2015- 9247), which took away lives of 154 people, (2015:- 165), 4554 people were injured (2015- 4313). Case analysis showed, that the registered emergency cases compared with 2015, decreased by 1546 or16.7%, victims by 11, or 6.7%, while the number of injured rose to 241 or 5.6 %.

N. Nazaryan noted, that 9 command post training exercises were conducted during the reporting year, 6 of which with the heads of administrative districts and 2 with the rescue officers of YRD and 120 special tactical training exercises.
YRD continues cooperation with international organizations jointly implementing various projects. According to N. Nazaryan, despite the serious work carried out by YRD within 2016, there were also drawbacks, and 7 rescuers were subjected to various disciplinary actions.

V. Vahanyan, Head of Yerevan Fire and Technical Safety Inspection delivered a report on the activities carried out by the employees of the Inspection within 2016. 474 fire cases were recorded in Yerevan in 2016, with 336140839 AMD damage, 20 fires of which were huge ones with 206,849,393 AMD damage. Fires caused 8 deaths and 16 people received injuries. The number of fires in the reporting year increased by 3 or 0.64%, compared with an 2015 and the material damage was 62,224,279 drams. Concluding the report, V. Vahanyan singled out those directions and functions which require more attention.

The annual report on activities carried out by RA MES National Center for Technical Safety delivered Deputy Director of the Center S. Hovsepyan. He particularly noted, that the active cooperation with the Municipality continued during 2016, related with the city elevators technical safety examinations, and other problems. As a result, the number of technical security expertise of the residential fund elevators increased by 800 in 2016, but still 1000 elevators continued to be operated without the technical security expertise.

After the reports, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan congratulated Davit Tonoyan on his appointment as Minister of Emergency Situations, wished him success in that responsible work.

– I assure, that Yerevan Municipality within its powers will continue its support to YRD in keeping the security of the population of the capital. It has already become traditional to hold the final annual session of Yerevan Rescue Department in Yerevan City Hall. Be sure, Mr. Minister, that we highly appreciate the professional readiness of your employees and the cooperation of RA MES with Yerevan Municipality. The trust Yerevan people currently have for the employees of MES is highly important. And I would like to express my gratitude to all the employees and persons responsible, who faithfully perform their work in 2016,- noted Taron Margaryan.

In his turn, RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan expressed gratitude for support and assured, that the cooperation will be continuous in the future and will include new directions.

In conclusion of the final meeting, Taron Margaryan on behalf of Municipality Staff presented a souvenir to ES Minister D. Tonoyan.

Mayor Taron Margaryan awarded a number of RA MES employees with honorary and thanksgiving diplomas of Municipality of Yerevan for high accomplishments in 2016.

For tight cooperation with the RA MES, as well as for significant contribution to Yerevan improvement, Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan has been awarded with the medal “Cross of Glory Noah” by Minister’s order.

For tight cooperation with the RA MES and for achievements in Yerevan improvement, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan David Ohanyan has been awarded with the medal “Cooperation for salvation”.

The heads of administrative districts of Avan, Shengavit, Ajapnyak, Arbkir, Nor Nork and Nubarashen, as well as a number of employees of Yerevan Municipality have been awarded with the honorary diplomas of the RA MES.


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