“Soap for Hope.” Organic soaps are being produced in Goghtanik village of Artsakh

“Soap for Hope.” Organic soaps are being produced in Goghtanik village of Artsakh

The resident of Goghtanik village, Kashatagh region Lilit Donoian produces organic soaps and other cosmetics, using exclusively organic materials.

Last year, she presented a program development to Ecolab capacity to produce organic soaps and idea of establishing a community of “creativity”, which was supported.

Lilit Donoian named this project “Soap for Hope.” She also attended the conference held in Croatia with this theme. As a part of the conference the book of scientific articles was published.

In the manufacture of soaps she uses exclusively organic materials, adding oranges, grapefruit, cinnamon, lavender, chamomile, sea buckthorn, juniper leaves and other plants.

There are special developed recipes for producing the soaps. They are not used only for cleaning, but are also useful for various skin problems.

“Now we are producing soaps for different skin problems,” she said.

Donoian was born in Armavir region, but since 1997 she lives in Goghtanik village of Kashatagh region. She worked in the local school. She said that “Soap for Hope” is only a part of the innovation program.

Proceeds from the sale of soap provided to Goghtanik school children, for the future of “Creativity” which will enable the community to develop children’s creativity and abilities, awakening new hopes in them.
She said that “creativity” is intended for carrying out activities aimed at developing children’s creativity, seminars, meetings, environmental events, etc.

“The essence of this idea lies in the fact that children using the missiles which were fired on the village during the war, prepare creative beautiful things, forgetting about bad and gloomy memories and develop free and creative thought, “she said in an interview with “Artsakhpress”, adding that they do not receive any state support during the implementation of the project. At this stage of the work they need support. The opening of the “Creativity” is planned in spring.

Referring to future plans, L. Donoian informed that she plans to expand soap assortment and create Artsakh soap brand, made of local organic materials which will be presented in Artsakh, Armenia and will be also exported.

“With children we implement this project under #I amtheChange slogan, or be the change you want to see around you. We believe that real change comes from inside,” she concluded.

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