RF State Duma outlines in Armenia’s future National Assembly

RF State Duma outlines in Armenia’s future National Assembly

Indeed, no need to have wits for such politics

Last week, several party congresses tend to become an intellectual benchmark in the upcoming elections, and the main process will proceed in this “length”.  And this “benchmark” fully deserves quotation marks because as mentioned in the saying best describing current period, no need to have wits for such a politics.  Incidentally, neither such politics runner nor the consumer of such politics needs having it.

How much wit is necessary, for example, to “flay” the party or “pricking out with these fingers” the eyes of the opponents and then cite Putin?  Moreover, wit is contraindicated to the outlined trend.  Or else, the even the wit lower than the average level would prompt each one gathered in one of the biggest halls of the capital that there is and can be nothing to do there in terms of politics.  Anyway, they had gathered to hear somethings, even applauding and enthusiastically chanting something … No, of course, they have wits, and even more.  Simply, the “rule of the game” is as such when you must put your wit aside.  For a while.  Not far away, another one and a half months.  And then … then who will remember what they have said, who has said, have promised to be “flay”, “prick out the eyes” or “will catch and rape in the place…”

They are confident that people do not like to strain their memories and do not see the direct causal and effect relationship, they are tired, they are sick of … and will be sick another one and a half months and again will forget until the next elections … and life “anyway, will not change…” But all this is a consequence, a consequence of the fact that the elections have lost their original meaning.  The “constructors” of the political field have prepared such a political “menu” for the voters where there is nothing “to eat.”  No one apparently cares about the challenges facing the country, unless they fit into the logic of this desertification process.

Politics is dead, such politics is no longer a politics.  However, on the other hand, it is a fully law-governed process.  Which ally of Armenia tolerates such a politics?  Kazakhstan? Belarus? Or, the “strategic ally” and “age-old friend” Russia?  And why other mores should rule in Armenia? It can become a threat to this Eurasian blessedness, can’t it?  Russian Ambassador to Armenia, Ivan Volinkin, in his interview with TASS news agency, referring to the upcoming elections, calmed down Russia and Russian speaking readers that the important point here is guaranteeing “stable majority” which must ensure “the continuity of the political process” in Armenia.

“Given these facts, we do not see a compelling reason for Yerevan to drastically change its foreign political course.”  Well, of course, Mr. Ambassador will not see it.  Moscow has dreamt seeing such a political arrangement in Yerevan since the day of recognition of the independence of Armenia.  Life showed that the empire not collapsed to the end went to return, and there is no and can be no moral obstacle on the way to it.  And why should there be?  This fusion of Cheka and criminal ruling in Russia did not have any moral obstacle when it was coming to power in its own country, and why it should spare Armenia, especially since the political forces of Armenia do not come up with these questions themselves.

A completely “Eurasian” panorama is outlined which we see in the political farce called RF State Duma which is no longer funny.  And those who could come up with such questions, and it was expected that they will come up in this alliance-passion and rating-passion brainless race, they were dressed or wear either by their own accord or unawareness a “Eurasian” straitjacket and kept silent like a fish for not to “break the unity”, “not to ruin the broad consolidation” and by other quadratic excuses… And as a consequence, yes, they will both flay and prick out the eye and then will cite Putin… and what else did you want?  So, reap your sowed weeds, this is what you reaped rather than descended from the sky.

… And the feast in Armenia during the Eurasian plague will continue for some time yet.  To be honest, there is no particular feasting, only the plague is left…

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