Raffi Hovannisian wants the first place from “Yelk”

Raffi Hovannisian wants the first place from “Yelk”

During the negotiation with the “Yelk” alliance, the “Heritage” party leader Raffi Hovannisian demanded the first place on the list for Armen Martirosyan.  In response to the question of Aravot.am, said a member of the “Yelk” alliance, leader of the “Republic” party, Aram Sargsyan.  Answering to the question about his opinion whether the former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and the alliance formed around him is an opposition or not, Aram Sargsyan said, “To answer these questions, we must look at when the tree will bear fruits.  Accordingly, we will decide whether it is an opposition or not.  It is a difficult question.  In this alliance, in terms of ideology, they are very close but I think that their approaches are very close to those of the “Republic” party.

Except for the “Heritage”, everybody at some time has defended Robert Kocharyan, all this is one team based on the same ideology base, walking by the same road, they were suggesting to form an alliance around the goal, while we – around the idea.”  Aram Sargsyan emphasized that the goal with the idea of regime change is wrong and will never work.  Once, he had gone by this path and has realized that he was wrong for which he apologized to the public.  Aram Sargsyan recalled the electoral biography of Armenia during which the government always had client parties in opposition alliances which at some point have come out and exploded.  Once, it was done by Artashes Geghamyan, Artur Baghdasaryan and Gagik Tsarukyan.


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