‘Another military conflict near Talish as the one in Karabakh:’ Shahin Mirzoev

‘Another military conflict near Talish as the one in Karabakh:’ Shahin Mirzoev

As reported earlier, at the international forum “Breakthrough of the blockade of Stepanakert: 25 years later” held in Yerevan, a Talish movement activist, a journalist and correspondent of “Talishi Sado” newspaper, Shahin Mirzoev, who recently escaped from Azerbaijan said that he fled from Azerbaijan to avoid death.  Later, Mirzoev also drew the attention on natives of Azerbaijan – Talish problems, saying, “Talish is in the blockade.  Those who rise up, their fate ends just like other Talish activists…

While political scientists are thinking that another military conflict will arise near Talish as the one in Karabakh.  The Talish problem must be resolved.  How is it possible to destroy Talish nation and the international community will stand aside and watch?”  Mirzoev mentioned that his colleagues are declared enemies of the nation in Azerbaijan, “One is killed in prison, the other in the street in front of everyone.  One does not even smoke a cigarette but they “find” drugs in his pocket and put to jail.  I demand my rights which even the Constitution of Azerbaijan does not guarantee.”  Later, in an interview with journalists, Mirzoev said sincerely, “In Azerbaijan, we were told people in Armenia do not like Talish people, whereas I got sure here that it is not the case.”


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