Artsakh Republican Party calls upon citizens to say “Yes” to constitutional amendments

Artsakh Republican Party calls upon citizens to say “Yes” to constitutional amendments

Announcement of Artsakh Republican Party

Dear citizens,
Citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic will face a choice at a country-wide referendum on constitutional reforms in four days. Both social-economic development of our state and combat readiness along with our physical security depend on Your conscious choice and opinion on the draft of Constitution. The necessity of harmonization of the public-political system, optimization, and efficiency in Nagorno-Karabakh has become obvious as a result of the constitutional reforms implemented in Armenia — taking into account the constant threat of war by the aggressor state — Azerbaijan. We believe that any law is considered to be the reflection of opinions of public-political forces, active citizens of the society, of the whole civil society and is a healthy organism which in the course of its functioning will adapt to the people’s will upon necessity, taking into account the public-political need. At present, the draft constitutional reforms proposed in the Republic of Artsakh are considered to be a balanced result of the work of all political forces, civil society, experts, the whole population of Artsakh.
Artsakh Republican Party calls upon all citizens of our country who have voting right to say “Yes” on 20 February – the day of the referendum, entering upon a new phase of prosperity, secure way of life and common welfare.

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