Executive Director for Educational Programs of the “Luys” Foundation visits the NDRU

Executive Director for Educational Programs of the “Luys” Foundation visits the NDRU

Within the productive cooperation between the National Defense Research University of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia (NDRU, MoD, RA) and the “Luys” Foundation, on February 16, the Executive Director for Educational Programs of “Luys” Foundation Jacqueline Karaaslanian visited NDRU. The President of NDRU, Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Lieutenant-General Hayk Kotanjian welcomed the guest. He stressed the importance of activities “Luys” Foundation undertakes, noting that the Foundation’s fellows study at the top educational institutions of the world and apply their knowledge and skills in various fields ‒ supporting Armenia in overcoming challenges and solving the problems the country faces today. He noted that the NDRU young research fellows, that enhance their professional skills in leading research centers and universities of the world, follow the programs of “Luys” Foundation. On January 25 this year, they participated in the “Competition of Ideas” held in the MoD, which took place within the cooperation between the MoD and the Foundation.


Then Professor Kotanjian presented Jacqueline Karaaslanian the process of NDRU’s establishment, its mission, goals and main tasks.


The goal of this unique research university in the region is to increase the efficiency of the Armenian defense security system through bridging research and educational activities. Among the tasks of NDRU is the research in the areas of regional security dynamics, cybersecurity and ICT, strategic gaming, as well as developments targeted at the effective management of cyber-digital resources. On the basis of these studies relevant analyses and recommendations are submitted to the political-military leadership of Armenia contributing to the expansion of their knowledge in the field of security policy. In the course of its activities, NDRU organized a number of strategic policy forums and conferences with participation of leading experts and senior officials from the UN, NATO and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), thus turning Armenia into a unique and important platform for constructive dialogue in the South Caucasus among various geopolitical poles, political and professional circles, intellectual centers, and centers of power.


The Executive Director of Educational Programs of “Luys” Foundation Jacqueline Karaaslanian was impressed with the meeting and the programs implemented by NDRU. She expressed satisfaction with the familiarization visit and entertained hopes that the cooperation between The Foundation and NDRU will continue.


National Defense Research University

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