Emergency Situations Minister: “A rescuer must have competitive education”

Emergency Situations Minister: “A rescuer must have competitive education”

RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan visited the Crisis Management State Academy(CMSA) of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Accompanied by the RA ES Deputy Minister H. Mkhitaryan and the Rector of the Academy, Major General H. Matevosyan, the Minister toured the auditoriums of the Academy, got acquainted with the University training programs and technical facilities, in particular, feature and simulation rooms’ equipment, where the situational games and practical trainings were being conducted.

During the meeting with the leadership of the Crisis Management State Academy the opportunities for improvement and saturation of educational programs of the Academy were discussed. Minister Tonoyan particularly highlighted the issue of physical preparedness of future rescuers, stressing the importance of establishing a training center, which would also boost the development of applied sports in the Academy.

The Minister also referred to the issue of the provision of first aid, noting, that there was a lot to be done yet in that area and it was necessary to invest the international experience.

-The education in the Crisis Management State Academy must be competitive,- added Minister Tonoyan.

The meeting also discussed the application of innovative mechanisms and approaches on implementing safety culture in the education system of the secondary schools. Minister Tonoyan instructed to cooperate with the Web- platform “dasaran.am” and develop electronic materials and games advocating safety rules to children.

The issue of tuition subsidy for needy students was also discussed during the meeting, as well as the issue of providing certain privileges to the young people, who were in combat duty during military operations in April 2016, by involving them in the educational process.

Minister Tonoyan also touched upon the issue of employment of graduates of the Academy, highlighting the flow of well-trained personnel from the Academy to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Note, that the Crisis Management State Academy has about 220 graduates annually.

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