Levon Zurabyan: RPA list a regular wile

Levon Zurabyan: RPA list a regular wile

On February 16, at the press conference with the journalists, ANC Vice President Levon Zurabyan addressed the list published by the Republican Party.  “Serzh Sargsyan’s politics in recent years was as follows: dear people, we are transiting from presidential system to parliamentary model of state governance so that there will be no Prime Minister nor I do not know what.  We say that it is a lie, it is actually a process of reproduction.  In fact, we were the only force opposing the constitutional amendments.  Moreover, it was a struggle in which nobody was receiving a place, it was just a struggle for the principle,” he said.

Levon Zurabyan believes that the RPA list is a wile, “What way is closed for the reproduction of the power if the same people are the pillars? Will things change?  Can you show anything which proves that the nature of the Republican Party has changed, there are no more monopolies that are sponsored, there is no corruption that they are doing it.  Are there any facts?  What opinion do you have about our people that you think that it is possible to cheat our people with such tricks?  Karen Karapetyan is a wile, so is Vigen Sargsyan.  With no changes in the country, with no eliminating corruption, with no disclosure of March 1, with no eliminating monopolies, with no creating a comprehensive society where all will have the opportunity to work and create, in short, without doing anything that could heal the created vicious political and economic system, they are speaking only about changing names which bear a formal character because changing the names does not actually give anything.”


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