Arthur Baghdasaryan: An opposition is not smashing someone’s head

Arthur Baghdasaryan: An opposition is not smashing someone’s head

Armenian Renaissance party is an opposition to the President, to the system.  They are an opposition to all fallacious phenomena available in our country and are struggling to ensure a read revival in our country.  Said the leader of the Armenian Renaissance party, Arthur Baghdasaryan, in response to the reporter’s question at the press conference.  According to the speaker, the opposition that shouts opportune and inopportune is not acceptable for them, being an opposition is not smashing someone’s head.  The press conference again addressed the events of 2008 and March 1.  “The Armenian Renaissance Party has no connection with the March 1 events,” said Arthur Baghdasaryan, adding that if the RoL party had not formed a coalition with the government in those days, today, Armenia would have become Ukraine or Georgia, with lost territories.

He also raised a rhetorical question, who was going to be responsible if Karabakh were not today.  “We have signed a memorandum so that Yerevan would not become a sea of blood,” he said.  According to Arthur Baghdasaryan, the people who had “gathered tens of thousands of people in 15-20 days should have ensured the next steps as it was obvious what will come next.  “The responsible are the owners of the squares and the ones who give the command to shoot,” said Arthur Baghdasaryan.  At the ARP conference, Arthur Baghdasaryan spoke about oil and gas supplies.  He assured the journalists that this statement is not from the genre of “a fantasy.”  According to the leader of ARP, there are serious researches made on this, and one of the mines is in Armavir.  We also have huge supplies of copper and molybdenum, in general, a rich subsoil which is “operated unsparingly”, and is ignored by the state.  Incidentally, Arthur Baghdasaryan does not fear that the people will look for the name RoL on the ballots rather than the Armenian Renaissance.  To the question by one of the journalists, ARP leader said that they are operating under this name for already two years.

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