‘Hovik Abrahamyan is not next to PAP:’ Gagik Tsarukyan

‘Hovik Abrahamyan is not next to PAP:’ Gagik Tsarukyan

“Hovik Abrahamyan is not next to PAP party.  Hovik Abrahamyan has said, you ask your questions to Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan,” said Gagik Tsarukyan in an interview with journalists denying the rumors that the former Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan is with their alliance.  To our question of whether he is disappointed that the wide consolidation failed to be formed, Gagik Tsarukyan replied, “Who is to be blamed for the failure, me?  I wanted to consolidate and everybody to come together because this is not something for one person.  I do not have ambitions, I am ready to cooperate with everyone, our doors are open to everyone but if I do not come to a common agreement, for example, in the negotiations, no one is to be blamed.”

To the question of why it failed, he replied, ask the appropriate people.  Recall that the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Hovik Abrahamyan, had earlier withdrawn from the RPA party.  There is a media report that he is planning to join the Tsarukyan alliance.

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