Aram Sargsyan: Nikol Pashinyan and Edmon Marukyan earned their wages

Aram Sargsyan: Nikol Pashinyan and Edmon Marukyan earned their wages

The “Yelk” alliance is a force to change the status quo,” said Edmon Marukyan who is in the leading position on the list of the alliance, during the public meeting hosted at “Article 3” club, in response to the question about why people should give their vote to “Yelk.”  The “Yelk” is coming to solve the problems accumulated over 25 years: the corruption system, political system, uneven development, abuse of human rights, etc.

Edmon Marukyan citing the data of “Parliament monitoring” said that Nikol Pashinyan and he are in the top ten: many speeches and questions, letters about human rights violations in the legal system.  “We had one mandate each.  I am used my one mandate in full,” he said adding that if there was a team and a teamwork is carried out in this way, the result will be different.  “We had forces with 40-50 mandates, let them answer,” he said.  Aram Sargsyan noted that the lawmaker who came up with the most active legislative initiatives in the past five years is Edmon Marukyan, and with civic initiatives – Nikol Pashinyan.

Aram Sargsyan is confident that they have earned their wages to the end.  As mentioned by Nikol Pashinyan, the main function of the politician and political force is to bring changes to the country.  And the “Yelk” can do it and our people has the potential, “We see Armenia as an industrial country, unfortunately, the production areas have turned into commercial areas where Turkish goods are sold.”

To the question of how the “Yelk” is going to draw investments to Armenia, especially since the investment percentage was zero last year, the remittances have decreased by 40%.  “In our country, many people become lawmaker to secure their possessions.  They are sitting in the NA hall and yawning, and leave the salaries to the drivers and secretaries.  They need this paper,” said Aram Sargsyan adding that the property in Armenia is not protected and when it is provided, the investments will come.  “Bringing slippers from Turkey and selling in the territory of the former factory is not an economy.  This is a lack of economy.”  Nikol Pashinyan says everything should be started from scratches.


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