Apart from making fun and moaning

Apart from making fun and moaning

I already image how the campaign will end up.  As my young colleagues say, “Let’s go to interview Shmays, Vardanik, Choyt and then have fun on them.”  Certainly, this “personages” with their thoughts and vocabulary give numerous causes for it but the mood to “have fun”, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the challenges facing us.  These are also talked about but purely with “accusing inclination”, look, dear people, what they have done with you.  In fact, between these two conventionally speaking “having fun” and “moaning” poles, there is also a field to make cool judgments which mainly remains vacant.  Sometimes, sober voices are heard like my friend Vahe Hovhannisyan voice who unfortunately renounced to be nominated.  However, importantly not to be nominated or not, but to see who draws what problems and what solutions.

Political parties and individual candidates (except for ANC) are not ready to talk seriously about the Artsakh issue.  The government says that it is necessary to negotiate but “we will never agree to one-sided concessions”, the majority of oppositions say, “unless this government leaves, it is useless to speak about Artsakh issue.”  Both, allow me to say, are idle chatting and a useless shake in the air.  The political parties involved in the election campaign behave them as if they do not understand that tomorrow, the next day, a week later or a month later, there will be a collision at least similar to the “4-day war.”  In such conditions, having too much fun or moaning seems not to be so much appropriate.

The second challenge is the economy.  If the number of owners, as said in the past, the “petty bourgeois” is not doubled in the near future, we will lose the resistibility, including in the security system.  In my opinion, small owners are the foundation of the modern state, people who unlike the hired workers have nothing to lose.  Leaving these people alone and not burden with taxes, here is what the politicians must speak about rather than give a tribute to fantastic desires of “I wish we had a factory to work in”.

Ultimately, I would think seriously about the political system.  At first glance, it seems “what politics are we talking about in this hard time?”  But this is today’s situation when the politics have turned into dividing money, lofty phrases worthy of “having fun” and hypocritical populism of “sharp-tongued” orators.  If there is no real political struggle, in other words, a legal platform for the interests of various layers of the society, then tomorrow, more extreme groupings will emerge than the “Sasna Tsrer” who will try to achieve their goals illegally.

… Everything was pretty funny even during the 2013 presidential campaign.  But this process was interrupted by squeamish assassination attempt against Paruyr Hayrikyan.  God forbid it happens again.


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