Where is now the European lawmaker wanted by Azerbaijan?

Where is now the European lawmaker wanted by Azerbaijan?

Frank Engel will do everything to break the diplomatic relations with official Baku

The members of the European Parliament who had visited Artsakh on an observation mission of the referendum are now released.  In an interview with “Aravot”, one of them, Frank Engel, informed that he is in Brussels and is doing his job in the European Parliament.

Meanwhile, recall that the Azerbaijan General Prosecutor’s press release stated that allegedly these persons are arrested, “An arrest is issued by the court verdict as a precautionary measure against these people: Luxembourg citizen Frank Engel, Cyprus citizen Eleni Theocharous and Czech citizens Jaromír Štětina who are accused of relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and  a relevant claim has been sent to Interpol with the request of declaring an international wanted.”

Azerbaijan had resorted to this move because these people attended the constitutional referendum held in Artsakh as observers and in conversations with the mass media; they had declared the Nagorno-Karabakh as an independent state.

In an interview with us, Mr. Engel assured that Azerbaijan has no right to file such lawsuits, “Azerbaijan has no right to declare an international wanted.  Only the international institutions can do this, however, it is obvious that they have no such a desire in this case.  If Azerbaijan wants to imprison me, very well, this shows that if earlier Azerbaijan was including people on the blacklist, now, it is not sufficient only with this.  Azerbaijan wants to arrest some people, the list of which is headed by parliamentarians.  The Baku gang regime proves once again that if they are unable to bribe someone, they begin to resort to intimidates.”  The lawmaker informed that currently they are estimating the situation and will respond in the near future.

To our question of how can his being on the international wanted list affect his activities, Mr. Engel replied, “There is no international investigation.  I will stay away from such countries as Belarus not to deserve Lapshin’s destiny, and will try to understand and identify the countries, which want to service me and others like me to Azerbaijan to keep our mouth shut.”  In response to our clarification what Frank Engel is engaged in and where he is, the lawmaker replied, “I am in Brussels and doing my job in the European Parliament.  Of course, I’m not under arrest.  Who can arrest me other than Azerbaijan?”


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