Daily spiritual ‘drills’

Daily spiritual ‘drills’

The Great Lent started yesterday. The longer I live the more importance I attach to such events. Not the rituals, not the external manifestations, not the actor play of Pharisees of all times but the content and the meaning. The meaning, in my opinion, is that you must try to look more straightaway into your soul with a slight contain of your body. Some time ago, we were explained that the man has no soul; he has “psychic.” The banter is that it is the name of the same psychic, simply in Greek. But it is clear why they were saying so: do not waste time and strength to bring your soul into order, be satisfied with your financial demands. And they were doing so, thus ridiculing and humiliating the spiritual. “Everything is a lie, you must make up money,” I have heard this in every step not only now but in the 1970-80 when totally a different thing was broadcast on television and from the tribunes.
The opposite but similarly wrong manifestation of such approach is the belief that there are some “secret knowledge”, which make us powerful; there are some special “affirmations” (allegations) that it suffices to learn them from some “guru” and everything will be arranged well in your life; there are some mystic “spiritual drills”, which make you happy when you do them every day. This, to put it mildly, quackery was also common during the years of my teenage and youth, certainly, less than the philosophy of “making money”.
Essentially, they are very close to each other for they are based on the distorted imagination of “happiness” and “powerful.” In one case, it is possible to buy them with money, in the other case, with “secret knowledge”.
In fact, happiness is to have goals in the life, the power is to love and be loved by others. While the drills … Life makes us face such “drills” on every step. You see a grandmother asking for mercy, do not begrudge this half a minute and 100 drams, you see someone weaker than you, do not try to demonstrate your strength and triumph for it; someone has abused you on the Facebook, do not answer, it is better to send a sincere “smiley”; there is food in front of you, do not attack it devouringly, at first, thank God at least in your mind that the food is on the table. Generally, let us be thankful for the next sunrise for us.
The point that I am listing all this does not mean that I always do this “drill” for “5”. Therefore, it needs days, or as in this case, weeks when we pay special attention to these “drills”. This will not hurt especially those who have entered into a campaign race today. There is no need to pray somewhere publicly; the Bible says that the Pharisees did so. The belief has more usual and daily manifestations.

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