Armenian déjà vu

Armenian déjà vu

Or “Saroyan Brothers”-2017

Only the Republican Party of Armenia out of 9 units expressing a willingness to participate in the Parliamentary elections this year on April 2 has published its election campaign slogan: “Security and progress.”  Certainly, it is a little difficult to imagine how the Republicans having criminal tendency provide security, for example, Surik Khachatryan and dozens like him, or how the Republicans who are not distinguished by the intellect will contribute to the progress, for example, Arakel Movsisyan and dozens like him.  Yet, this is the tiniest evil.  The “Security and progress” slogan reminds the pain of 21 years-old.  A pain that became the cause of our course to deviate from normal route.

In 1996, acting President and candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian’s slogan in the RA Presidential elections was “Victory, stability, progress.”  Generally and in the present-day Armenia, especially the security means a document endorsement of the victory conquered with weapons and army to show to the entire world.  An everlasting and durable endorsement.  In other words, security equals victory plus stability.  Hence, today’s RPA’s “Security and progress” slogan is Levon Ter-Petrosian’s 21 years ago slogan “Victory, stability, progress”.  And this very slogan is our pain.  In 1996, for the first time ever the opposition united, and Levon Ter-Petrosian’s political rival became Vazgen Manukyan, the single opposition candidate.  “Victory, stability, progress” was losing, and for the first time weapon was used in the political dimension.  It was a shot at the voice of the voter.  The shots were into the air, they said that even if you had gathered 100 percent of votes, we wouldn’t have surrendered.

The political unit campaigning with a slogan “Victory, stability, progress” established a defective practice: forge, cheat, beat, shoot and remain in power.  Years passed, the shooting directions changed: those who were shooting into the air in 1996 began shooting at people in 2008.  Years passed, and in the logic of “even if you had gathered 100 percent of votes, we wouldn’t have surrendered”, they said, “let us hammer”, “we have both the nail and the hammer in our hand” and so on.  In 1996, the “Victory, stability, progress” deviated us from the path of making our country a country and put on the outpost rails.  This “successor” slogan of this slogan cannot stop this decline for the one who had the desire to stop it could have done it in the past 21 years.  And then: in 1996, 2008, and 2017, the ones who did not surrender the voice of the people, the “hammerers” are the same with slight differences.

In the “Saroyan Brothers” film, the younger brother is trying to explain to the elder brother how his adherents win people’s heart, “They say bread, they say land, they do not say fight.”  And then, already after the film, in the real life, it turned out that they gave a little bread, a little land, and there was no fight but the main thing did not happen: the human and a Christian-worthy life.  The situation is the same in 2017: they say victory, they say stability, they say progress.  There is victory, a little stability but no progress, and there is no human and Christian-worthy life.  The “Security and progress” slogan does not do anything other than reminding the painful pages of the past.

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