‘Our military equipment did not work during April events for that reason’ PM to Pashinyan

‘Our military equipment did not work during April events for that reason’ PM to Pashinyan

ANC faction MP, a member of “Yelk” alliance, Nikol Pashinyan, reminded Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan of his words: from now on, every person can import any good to Armenia.  Then he emphasized the interview with the journalist of “Kentron” TV Petros Ghazaryan, where the Prime Minister assured, “Any time you learn that there is such a problem, you call me personally.”  Nikol Pashinyan said that “ARAGG” LLC is unable to perform customs clearance of about 460 tons of kerosene for about one month.  He said that he had talked on this with SRC leadership Suren Karayan and the experts, and it is definite that there are barriers, “De jure, Mr. Karayan told me that there is no obstacle to importing the goods.”

Nikol Pashinyan reminded that he had sent an open urge to the Prime Minister to allow the good enter Armenia, “Maybe the problem is that Petros Ghazaryan has not called you, if this is the problem I can ask, Petros Ghazaryan can call you in my name, inform that a problem is raised and maybe, in this case, the problem will be solved.”  The Prime Minister replied, “What statement I have made I am responsible for my statement.  Moreover, your urge has reached to me and currently, my assistant is working on it.  You are right, there is a problem there.  The 460 tons that have arrived is not kerosene but heating oil.”  Karen Karapetyan said that they have doubts that later they will take this heating oil and mix it with kerosene and we will have low-quality petroleum products in the market, “The point that there is a scuffle on this product during the import, you are right.”

Nikol Pashinyan said that there is a document now in his hand which proves that the product is kerosene.  Moreover, the parliamentarian said that he has talked to the experts of the body implementing testing, and they have approved that it is kerosene, “Even if it is heating oil, there is no barrier on the import of it by RA legislation.”  As for the logic that this product can be mixed with something else, it is the same as the import of the knife to Armenia is prohibited, saying that people can kill a man with the knife.  Karen Karapetyan replied that they have a problem with the rules of the game, which needs to be regulated to avoid such scuffling.  As for this product, he reminded that there were many cases during the April events that our military equipment has not worked because of it, “I admit that we have a flaw here but we have no restriction on imports of any goods on the border.”

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