It makes no sense to fight against speech

It makes no sense to fight against speech

The US President-elect Donald Trump has eventually spoilt his relationships with the media. First, the “New York Times” and CNN correspondents were not allowed to his Spokesperson’s briefing. And then, the US President refused to attend the traditional dinner of accredited journalists at the White House. This first of all speaks of the fact that Trump is an inexperienced politician, even in Armenia where the mass media is 100 times less influential, only the politicians at the level of Tokhmakh Mher and Shmays who do not understand that entering into a fight with the press makes no sense. Not to speak about much freer conditions of the United States. On the other hand, this is Trump’s unique manifestation of populism, “you all write a lie, you all are corrupt.” Some Americans may like it. But in the long run, it is a wrong calculation, he will not have influential supporters in the fight against journalists and eventually, will have to step back. It is impossible to win the free speech.
Fifteen years ago, second President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, shut the “A1+” TV channel down and avenged the TV company which was not under his control. It seems that everything is gone and forgotten. But it is not so, the journalists even those who actually had applauded Kocharyan’s decision remember it and continue to perceive his team right from this perspective. And when the team members are saying that they democratic by their whole essence and blood composition, to put it mildly, it raises some objections. It turns out that Kocharyan in those days had satisfied his hunger but he had done a big harm to his team who despite all other circumstances and even indisputable merits will be perceived by knowledgeable people as an enemy of free speech.
When a politician is indignant during the interview or press conference and begins to give lessons to the journalists to ask the “right” questions and write the “right” things and shout, “I know whose order you are implementing”, it speaks of this politician’s not being prudent and far-seeing. Let us state again that maybe there will be media in this conference that represent the interests of this annoyed politician. Anyway, instinctively and subconsciously they will perceive this “angry” monolog as an insult addressed to them. Unless, of course, they are journalists rather than random people.
The campaign begins tomorrow. If I am allowed to give my kind advice to those who are fighting for the mandates, do not try to make the media whom you do not like a target. This is a boomerang.

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