Only good things

Only good things

The election campaign is not so much the presentation of own ideas and programs as a race to say bad things about contenders.  In other words, the political forces and their media are talking not so much about how good they are but about how bad are their contenders.  I personally think that the victory or defeat of one or several of the 9 political forces participating in the campaign will not change anything in our lives.  “And what will change,” you will ask?  Believe it or not but kindness, forgiveness, and tolerance will change.  I know that the majority of Armenians does not agree with me, and here I do not even try to prove my words.  I want to do something else by temporarily leaving the flaws aside: to say only good things about all 9 political forces one after the other composed of two articles.  In my perception, of course.


  1. The “Yelk” alliance. No one except Aram Sargsyan and a few of his party members has not tasted the poison of the power. Aram Sargsyan has not committed anything reprehensible during his brief tenure as prime minister.  There are many young people in the alliance who are devoid of “post-Soviet” instincts and complexes.  Nikol Pashinyan and Edmon Marukyan have gained political experience over the years and have created viable teams.  They were not tempted by Tsarukyan’s money during the pre-election round and have not joined an alliance with Kocharyan-supporters.
  2. “Free Democrats”. The only political unit participating in the election campaign which openly and unequivocally professes liberal ideas. It is against the EaEU and has some reservations on CSTO.  It has attracted highly qualified economist (Hrant Bagratyan), political scientist (Stepan Safaryan) and education expert (Anahit Bakhshyan) into its team.  It estimates ideological principles and again has refused the lure to have a seat in the parliament by “attaching itself from the tail” of anybody.
  3. “Armenian Renaissance” Party (RoL). It is consistent to raising social problems of people’s concern. It has lawmakers dealing with real legislative affairs in the Parliament.  It is moderate and prudent in its action (not in the rhetoric).  The party leader Artur Baghdasaryan obviously has organizational skills and has loyal comrades in arms in the face of Heghine Bisharyan, Mher Shahgeldyan and Hovhannes Margaryan.
  4. “Tsarukyan” Alliance (PAP). Huge financial capabilities, irrespective of everything, they enable to form a wing at least to some extent different from the government. The PAP members have autonomy of certain degree until crossing some “red lines”.  The entrepreneur leading the alliance is devoid of evil, he is trying to solve all the problems peacefully and without confrontation.

Read about the remaining 5 political forces in the next article to come.


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