Only good things – 2

Only good things – 2

I continue to present the political parties running for the upcoming parliamentary elections, writing only good things about them.

  1. “Congress-PPA” alliance (ANC). The positive features of the Congress were expressed particularly last year. During the April war, this Party was the only one from the opposition parties which did not try to use the opportunity to gain political dividends, and on the contrary, called on to put aside the political disagreements during the war.  When the “Sasna Tsrer” armed group took over the police department building, and almost all opposition forces, the active part of the society and even the intellectuals were praising this manifestation of armed political struggle, the ANC was against all of this.  Having such a posture, the Congress surely did not gain political dividends, on the other hand, has added respect for the ANC in perhaps few (but thoughtful) people.
  2. RPA. The party is trying to come up with new figures. The first five on the RPA list and of course, the acting Prime Minister are not associated with the negative phenomena which we are very familiar with over the last 25 years.  The current RPA election campaign does not cover the former (Kocharyan “Haylur”) aggression.
  3. Communist Party. People who despite all the external factors have preserved their conviction are worthy of respect. The experience of our veterans and pensioners, their memories are important and valuable to all of us, irrespective of how we treat them.
  4. “Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian” alliance. An alliance of vivid personalities with unique intellectual potential. The leaders of the alliance are people who have rendered indisputable services to the state.  In the face of Armen Martirosyan, the ORO has sincere orator deserving people’s confidence.
  5. ARF. It is one of our oldest parties with its established traditions and ideology. There are people in this party who have enrolled in the early 90s, have participated in the Artsakh War, have suffered when the party was persecuted.  Dashnaktsutyun has its although not a big but stable electorate that will vote for this party in all cases.

It is an “old and good” tradition in Armenia to see the bad in everything, growl and whimper giving dues to their own as well as the surrounding instincts and emotions.  Resisting this total “trend” raised the person’s self-rating.

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