One thing that unites RPA and “Yelk”

One thing that unites RPA and “Yelk”

No matter how the “Yelk” alliance declares that it is fighting against the RPA, and its only rival is the Republican party, however, there is one thing that “unites” the RPA and the “Yelk”.  The “Yelk” alliance with its election campaign program, in line with other promises, assures the voters that as soon as the “Yelk” comes to power, it will create the second house of the Parliament of Armenia which will be composed of the representatives of the Armenian colonies of the Diaspora who will be elected thru the elections held in these colonies, “And the exclusive jurisdiction of the second house of the Parliament will be the appointment of the director of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund.  Also, the issue of the appointment of ministers dealing with immigration and diaspora investments affairs presented by the Prime Minister.”

There was a time that the RPA had a similar desire.  In 2011, at the meeting with the representatives of the American-Armenian community of California, the Diaspora Minister and PRA member Hranush Hakobyan spoke about Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s intention to make amendments to the Constitution of the country and change the Parliament into a two-house.  Therewith, according to Hranush Hakobyan, there will be an opportunity to include the Diaspora compatriots in the staff of the upper house and enable their involvement in the state governance of Armenia.

RPA also gave promises to the Diaspora but as we know, the Constitution was amended but the promise was not kept, the upper house was not established in the RA National Assembly.  This year, the leader of the “United Armenia” movement, Arthur Aleksanyan, speaking about the establishment of an upper house of the parliament, said, “The offer is to establish an upper house in the National Assembly which will proportionally represent deputies from non-Armenia communities.  We suggest establishing powerful forces throughout the world diaspora where it will be possible to elect deputies who will be presented to the upper house of the Parliament.”

Recall that the “United Armenia” movement has announced its support to ORO alliance; Arthur Aleksanyan is a close friend to ORO leader, former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan.  Indeed, this campaign promise by the “Yelk” is to the heart of the Diaspora, but in order to establish an upper house of the National Assembly, it at least requires re-amending the Constitution.  As to how the “Yelk” alliance will establish an upper house, there is no single word about it in the program.

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