With a concern about ‘not losing a vote’

With a concern about ‘not losing a vote’

The surveys by the “Gallup” Company and the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) report the same reality: the leaders of the pre-election race are “Tsarukyan” Alliance and the RPA, the remaining parties may appear in the Parliament and also may not. Of course, the sociologists are sometimes mistaken as it was in the case with Clinton and Trump. But there, in the United States, they were not ready that the voters could conceal their preferences, be shy to say that they give their vote to “non-systemic” Trump. In the post-Soviet countries, the “insincerity” of the voters is also considered by the sociologists. In addition, all the political parties in Armenia are “systemic” also in the sense that they mirror the defects of our public life, while the RPA and the PAP are the “most systemic among all.”

In addition to the mentioned two parties, the representatives of the remaining 7 political forces believe that the sociological companies are drawing figures, distorting the reality, carrying out an order and so on. It is also possible, I am not going to defend anyone with my breast. However, I will either try to look for such measuring instruments which would be trustworthy for me or unless it is too late, to draw conclusions from the reported situation. Just to say, “all people love me”, “in the case of fair elections our political force will receive 55 percent of the seats” certainly is possible, but it does not contribute to the solution of the problems which the political forces are facing.
Personally, I am not satisfied with the findings of the sociologists because the parties for which I intend to vote for are not among the leaders. However, as I had already the opportunity to mention, I am confident that the two mentioned political parties together will form the majority in the parliament and will somehow, perhaps, share the portfolios. And people like me will face the problem of what to do for “not to lose our votes”. If we demonstrate a purely ideological approach, regardless of all circumstances, we must vote for our preferred party: the communist votes for the communist, the ARF for ARF, I, suppose, vote for the “Free Democrats”. However, there is also a more pragmatic approach: if I have decided to vote against the “RPA-PAP” system, then I must pick up the dear one for me among all the remaining parties, but such one whose passing to the parliament is more or less likely.
Thus, I am going to wait for my next sociological survey and vote for one of the three forces: the “Yelk”, the “Congress”, and the “Free Democrats” which would be much closer to success.
Needless to say that it is my personal position which no way affects the neutral position of the “Aravot” newspaper.

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