‘Gradually to return to good days of communism:’ Tachat Sargsyan

 ‘Gradually to return to good days of communism:’ Tachat Sargsyan

The Communists remember the good days of the Communism more than talk about their programs

Why should people vote for the Communist Party of Armenia (CPA)?  In response to this question of “Aravot”, the CPA leader Tachat Sargsyan answered with a question, “Why should they not vote?”  Then, he started to praise the Communist Party, “Why should they not vote for the 114-year-old party which passing through many trials ruled for 70 years.  The Republic that was in the clutches of illiteracy, epidemic, hunger and typhus, the Communist Party turned it into a thriving, prosperous country.”

On this occasion, Tachat Sargsyan recalled Myasnikyan’s words, “The country of tears turned into a country of roses.”  He recalled that during the years headed by the Communist Party, the science, education and cultural were spread throughout the country.  Then, he again continued to list the praises, “Why should the voters not vote for us when all social problems were resolved during the Soviet times: education and health care were free.  Tell me, please, why the voters should not want us to return, which as a result, will gradually restore all the advantages that existed during the Soviet years in power.”

We asked him to mention specific actions and programs about where they will start with when they enter the parliament. Again, Mr. Sargsyan recalled the Soviet years, “There were a huge industry and agriculture.  These two together made almost 90% of the GDP.  The Republic did not have a need for a job which causes people to emigrate, on the contrary, we were bringing labor force from outside.  The profit was so huge in this strong industrial and agricultural country that there was an opportunity to provide the needs of the citizens free.  We can do it now too if we rule the country in a clever way.”

We asked, however, to talk about real actions, “We have mines: gold, copper and molybdenum.  Instead of giving these raw materials to foreigners who take the raw material out of the country in wagons, we will start a production here.  We will create jobs for the people and the profit will remain inside the country.  We must make the agricultural land plots bigger.  It is necessary to use sixty percent of the land.  We must boost the technological production and science.  We are a country at a war, and we have to develop the military industry.  We have very smart young people, it is necessary to take advantage of the advanced scientific forms and methods.  Gradually we will pass to those good days during which our generation have lived.”

To our observation that the broad masses of the public have this very fear that if the Communist Party has a seat in the parliament, the Soviet system will return with all of its flaws, Mr. Sargsyan responded, “No society has been flawless, including the Soviet regime.  But these flaws are criticized and accepted by the Communist Party.  In that case, you will ask why the Soviet Union collapsed.  Indeed, the discipline in the country was gradually going to lower positions, plus the ideological struggle, we were unable to pass to the form of economic pluralism, hence, the result was that the discontent in the country actually grew.”

To our observation whether the Communists promise to restore the promotion mechanisms when the worker could get a higher salary than the head of the company, Mr. Sargsyan replied, “During the Soviet years in power, there were various forms and methods of promotion.  I was working at the Textile factory which had 6-7 thousand employees.  There were dry thread weavers who were getting twice as much as the salary of the head of the factory.  We had advanced apprentices, a machine operator who was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet and so on and so forth.”

Tachat Sargsyan reminded that the excellent employees were sent to “sanatoriums” free of charge, the photos of the worker’ child who studied at school and got high marks was posted on the billboard.  The NGOs were encouraging the parents whose children were studying at the school with excellent marks, “Those who were working good, they did not want to go to the sanatoriums of Armenia, they preferred to go to Adler and to more advanced resorts.  The referral was given by the head of the factory free of charge.”  In conclusion and reminding that in China which is considered to be the most powerful state in the world there are Communist rules, Tachat Sargsyan assured that even with a small staff there will be in the parliament but hardly there will be lawmakers who would not agree with the proposals of the Communists, “We will do everything that the economic situation in the country is improved, more enterprises are built, the husband returns home and the wife to her children.  And instead of coming together with all nation to collect some money for the treatment of their family member, it would be much better to do so that the state does it.”


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