Rating squabbling

Rating squabbling

No bread but scenes – as much as you want

This time, the election campaign scenes and squabbling began much earlier than the official start of the election campaign. Before the start of the election campaign would be officially announced various brawls took place, which was quite a novelty in the history of our National Assembly elections. More precisely, not the brawls were a novelty but the election campaign brawls specifically this time, which occurred not only between the representatives of the opposing parties and alliances but between the party members and allies.

The reason is the so-called rating electoral procedure, whose meaning and purpose are not understood by ordinary voters as well as by many politicians and even political scientists so as for me, your humble servant. Certainly, I am not a politician nor a political scientist but as a citizen of Armenia and a voter, I am trying to understand and perceive the meaning of the rating called the electoral procedure and even though I have not yet understood it, however, I keep thinking in that direction. I am thinking that if the functionaries have concocted this rating electoral procedure then they must have some benefit from it but the more I think about it, I do not understand what benefit they can have. Rather they can have a loss than a benefit, in my thinking and understanding, of course. Because not only the representatives of different political parties and different alliances are already confronting each other in the struggle for the rating, but also the candidates representing the ruling party.

Incidentally, the struggle is overly harsh and uncompromising, and apparently, it will become much tenser. They are struggling on who will bring more votes to their mother party. Moreover, you can bring many votes to your dear party but not become a lawmaker. It looks strange but it is true. It turns out that the ruling party is instigating a struggle between its own candidates. In other words, this time, the ruling party is using the idea and the principle of “distribute in order to dispose” not only against the opposition and opponents but also against its insiders. In short, there are many things that are not clear, and unless the elections are over, you will not understand to whom this rating called squabble was beneficial. It is very likely that as a result of the elections, this rating electoral procedure may cause unpleasant surprises and serious troubles to those who concocted this electoral procedure. When you express such an opinion, some people begin to explain you long that although the party members are struggling against each other by the rating electoral procedure and grab votes from each other, as a result, all votes grabbed from each other are going to the mother party.

Apparently, those who concocted this electoral procedure have thought so but in this case, things can go the opposite direction. The result may show that the candidates of the third, fourth and fifth parties will become winners in this fierce struggle, and probably, this might be true because the rating party members are struggling against each other in more fierce way, also to raise their rating inside the mother party. I mentioned a few times and emphasized the phrase “mother party”, and now, I think that it is an accepted and common practice that the brothers are fighting with each other to see who would be more useful for the dear mother. However, it is not common for us that the mother would instigate competition and struggle between her own sons.

In fact, the rating electoral procedure is something like that. Before thinking and putting down this article, it seemed to me that I am saying a novelty, but in the meantime, dozens of publications appeared in various media and websites, whose authors were even considering that this rating called electoral procedure, is just a calamity, an attempt to incite additional animosity between outsiders and insiders. The supporters and advocators of the new Constitution during the amendment process of the Constitution and after its adoption repeatedly mentioned and emphasized that from now on there will be one hundred percent proportional elections. But it turned out to be the opposite.

It turned out that the rating candidates as compared to the previous majoritarian are not only a few but more dangerous in terms of civil clashes and tensions. God grant that people who think likewise are mistaken and the ARF party turns out to be correct in terms of the new Constitution and parliamentary republican. Moreover, there will be no civil clashes between the insiders and outsiders. Especially since by and large we all are insiders. And if we behave ourselves a little more correctly, truly we would have the right to be called insiders. We would have the right to be called insiders especially in the case if we do not give election bribes to each other and take from each other. Especially, we have repeatedly become sure that our daily bread problem is not solved by election bribes. In other words, the quantity of bread will not be sufficient but the scenes will possibly be too many. Extremely many, extremely unpleasant and extremely undesirable.


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