Only slowly and only with explanation

Only slowly and only with explanation

No free and fair elections can take place in Armenia.  In a country where the majority of electorates is poor and cadger, and are waiting for the almsgiving by the “kings” and “dukes”, kiss the hands and feet of the feudal, the notions of “parliament”, “president”, “political party”, and “political struggle” in such countries can be used with high reservations.

Even in the unbelievable case if the parliament is miraculously composed of entirely people like Saakashvili, Ivanishvili and Lee Kuan Yew, anyway, these wonderful individuals will not be able to change anything unless there is a demand for the change, the demand for having a state rather than arranging-handling your own affairs and meeting the everyday demands.  Those who hope that the country can be changed through elections (the matter is about the citizens who really nurse such a hope rather than about the “actor” and the Pharisee politicians), these people are in delusion.  However, this does not mean that the elections should not be held and they must be aborted.  Those who are in favor of the armed political struggle, the revolutionary committee and guillotine, they are furthermore on the wrong path, in the case of Armenia, it will lead to permanent revolutions.

Simply, the elections should not be treated as a “crucial moment”.  They are a good opportunity to estimate the values of “political elite” and its proposed ideas, and since the atmosphere is politicized, to convey two notions to the society 1/ there will be changes when the society wishes: each one’s desire to “arrange-handle” his own affairs is not a wish to change things; 2/ the formation of the demand of the society can occur only slowly and only patiently targeted educational work.

For example, a few years required for the people to understand that fastening the seatbelt and stopping when the street-light is red is not invented by “this damned state”, it is necessary to the people who are sitting in front of the wheel.  Perhaps a few more years will pass and people will realize that the speedometers are designed for not exceeding the speed limit despite the populistic campaign of the political parties in these elections.

In another few more years or decades, Armenians will understand that if you are a small official and take small bribes, then you have no right to complain about “this unjust country” and big bribes of big officials.  And so on.  There are people who are expressing adequate ideas in these days.  Simply, they are not in the political “trend”.


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