Vayk resident to Seyran Ohanyan: if you were that good why hadn’t we known you?

Vayk resident to Seyran Ohanyan: if you were that good why hadn’t we known you?

Vayk was hosting the ORO campaign alliance.  Seyran Ohanyan mentioned in his speech that we have advanced one step forward and two steps back, “Our political elite has not been changed over 25 years.  In the modern world, the elections pursue this very goal to give freshness to our life, fresh knowledge to lead the country forward.

The time has come for radical changes, we can hurry slowly, we have to make radical changes and ensure radical growth.  We have this experience.  We promise to establish an atmosphere of justice in the country and will destroy the atmosphere of despair.  A Vayk resident complained, if you were so good, why we have not recognized you and you have not introduced.  Seyran Ohanyan smiled, “Because, my dear mother, I am busy with my defense problems.  We are going to solve your pension problems, dear mother.”

Armen Martirosyan intervened, saying that the mother is complaining to a wrong person, “Therefore we are saying to you, do not vote for RPA, do not vote for the RPA candidates, no matter how good they are or are your friend.  Whichever candidate you vote, it will go to Serzh Sargsyan, bear in mind.  Either you must try to change the situation, now when grandmother says that she has 4 children and none of them is next to her, she is alone, it will refer to all of us.  Everybody’s children will leave and we are going to stay at home alone.”

Former 3 ministers founded ORO Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian alliance: Seyran Ohanyan former Defense Minister and former Foreign Affair Ministers Raffi Hovhannisyan and Vartan Oskanian. The alliance is going to participate in parliamentary elections scheduled for April 2.

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