What I would pledge

What I would pledge

I will never become a member of the National Assembly for I have never had and will not have such a desire.  But let us do a “brain exercise” and assume that I would like to nominate my candidacy.  I am thinking what my pledge would be in that case.  Let me start with the things which I would not pledge: the rise of pensions and wages, re-operation of “Nairit”, “Chemprom” and other similar plants, free healthcare and higher education, removal of speed recording cameras, job opening, cheap price for gas and electricity.  I would not pledge to make the bank loans 3 percent.  A part of these pledges is either a utopia or populism, the other part pertaining to the economic indicators, of course, is possible to implement in principle.  But the economic situation is the consequence and not the cause.  And the cause is we, all of us, and much depends on those who will become a member of the National Assembly after April 2.

And consequently, my campaign pledges if they were any they would have to do only with my person.  I first would present documents on how I have bought my house and car on credit, and I would pledge that I will not change them for the next 5 years, I will not make the house one centimeter bigger, my clothes would not be more luxurious and more “brand”.  I would pledge not to keep any confidential or obvious media (naturally, I would also give up “Aravot”) and I would not allow any newspaper, a website or a television become the means of my campaign.

I would pledge not to be engaged in any business in parallel except my lecturing and scientific work.  I would pledge not to be absent from any of the National Assembly sittings without any reasonable excuse.  (For some reason, our oligarchy considers being elected as a lawmaker a special “show off” and not to attend the National Assembly sittings as it is “lower of their dignity”).

I would pledge not to criticize anyone in person and not to respond to any criticism.  To put forward my ideas and discuss them, and if necessary to dispute them but never to fall down to the level of settling a personal score with anybody.  I would never raise my voice standing at the podium.

I would pledge to keep assistants not for making coffee but for preparing economic and legal materials for me.  I would read all the drafts of the laws in order to have a seriously shaped opinion about them.

I actually do not pledge all of this for I am not going to become a member of the National Assembly.  And I am not going to be the one because each one must be busy with his job.  I like my job very much.


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