Zaruhi Posanjyan: Reaching velvet revolution as much as possible

Zaruhi Posanjyan: Reaching velvet revolution as much as possible

On March 15 Zaruhi Postanjyan presented her political platform “Yerkir Tsirani” (Apricot land) with its “To Ararat” slogan. “We are going to be engaged in all kinds of spheres, and we are going to put politics into use in all areas. We’ll take part in all political activities and I think political processes are still ahead of us. And I’m talking about the processes, activities that should bring welfare to our country, not about the things that have been done during these 25 years. We have a huge responsibility. When we took this step when we started to launch this, we realized that we shouldn’t repeat or make those same mistakes that have been made during these 25 years,” said the founder of the platform Zaruhi Postanjyan.

She pointed out that there’s a problem of maintaining the identity of an Armenian and Armenian culture. “Why tsirani (apricot)? Because duduk nowadays is only made of apricot tree and we hear our songs, our music, and our culture through it. If we don’t go back to Ararat, back to the country of apricots, then we’re going to lose our identity. And I think that our identity is very precious and important because a person is firstly happy with his culture and identity. We don’t want to have a comfortable life only in foreign countries, but we also want to live happily in our homeland.”

According to Zaruhi Postanjyan, the big rebellion is still to come. “Of course it’s desirable to do it without blood. Let’s reach that with velvet revolution as much as possible. Let’s leave the aggressors behind by sending some to prison, some, probably, to other countries. It’s important for us not to have losses on our way”.

Zaruhi Postanjyan is a member of Parliament “Heritage” fraction. She was also a member of “Heritage” party, but after the announcement that the party is participating in elections with ORO alliance.


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